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Wine, being a natural product, relies heavily on climatic conditions. Indeed, variables like sun and rain play a decisive role in their quality. Varying weather conditions mean that wines, originating from the same terroir, can be surprisingly different year upon year. Millésimes are fine vintage wines from a particular year, that are made solely from grapes of that year.

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As you can understand, these fine  vintage wines are unique wines for unique events. A marriage, birthday party or longtime family reunion ... Do you have an upcoming party and do you want to do something special? Select your favourite wine today and uncork a beautiful bottle of millésime. Because with a fine vintage wine like this, harvested in a particular year, you will make the most of your party. Cheers!

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  • Montrose 2001



    € 74,00 exc. sales tax

    € 89,54 inc. sales tax

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  • Grand-Puy-Lacoste 2001



    € 37,00 exc. sales tax

    € 44,77 inc. sales tax

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  • Haut-Brion 2001



    € 255,00 exc. sales tax

    € 308,55 inc. sales tax

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  • Gruaud Larose 2001

    Gruaud Larose


    € 46,00 exc. sales tax

    € 55,66 inc. sales tax

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  • Dauzac 2001



    € 25,00 exc. sales tax

    € 30,25 inc. sales tax

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