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If you buy Chateau Latour, you buy pure quality! This fine wine is a top notch product that weathers difficult years without any problems. Because of the high amount of tannin is this wine, it takes some time before the wine is fully matured. So this wine only gets better with the years. If you want to buy an excellent Chateau Latour, you should purchase a bottle from 1961. Wine experts from all over the world  praise this legendary sixties wine.

A league of their own

If you buy a bottle of Chateau Latour, you can recognise it by its label which depicts the famous Saint-Lambert tower. This fort was built in 1626 with the objective of offering the estate protection against piracy.

EARLY fame

Latour was a big name as early as the 1700s, flourished in the 1800s and its promotion to Premier Grand Cru Classé in 1855 proved highly prophetic.

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