Dom Pérignon 1992

  • Dom Pérignon 1992
  • Dom Pérignon 1992
  • Dom Pérignon 1992
  • Dom Pérignon 1992
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Removed from a temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar.

Purchased from a private collector, first owner.

Wine-Spectator © : 89/100

International Wine Cellar © : 91/100

Dom Pérignon

Owner: Group LMVH

Appellation: Champagne

Grape Variety: 42% Pinot Noir, 58% Chardonnay

About Dom Pérignon...

Dom Pérignon that was already much appreciated by the British at the end of the twelfth century, did not become a success story until the reign of Louis XV. 'The' Dom Pérignon, the prestige cuvée of Moët & Chandon, is probably the world’s most famous Champagne! Ever since it was commercialised in 1936 (only 300 bottles of vintage 1921 were produced), Dom Pérignon was an instant hit worldwide! The rosé version was marketed for the first time in 1970 (vintage 1962). This top-class cuvée, which is sold in a bottle of a specific shape that is based on the shape of bottles during the eighteenth century, is only being produced in the best wine years. The number of bottles that is placed on the market by Dom Pérignon, has always remained a well-kept secret, and this secrecy is being maintained by the present owner, LMVH. This complex wine with superb aromas of dried fruits and toasted bread is notable for its pleasant aftertaste. It has an excellent aging potential which makes it much appreciated by many a wine lover.

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