The patch of land, not more than 800 acres, produces wonderful wines with resounding, almost mythical names, such as Pétrus, Vieux Château Certan,… 

  • La Conseillante 1999

    La Conseillante


    € 80,00 exc. sales tax

    € 96,80 inc. sales tax

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  • La Fleur-Pétrus 1999

    La Fleur-Pétrus


    € 134,00 exc. sales tax

    € 162,14 inc. sales tax

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  • Latour a Pomerol 1999

    Latour a Pomerol


    € 48,00 exc. sales tax

    € 58,08 inc. sales tax

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  • Gazin 1999



    € 40,00 exc. sales tax

    € 48,40 inc. sales tax

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The explicit character of the small village of Pomerol can be attributed to a combination of the Merlot grape and its unique, clay-like soil.

Pomerol wines are typically lush, with lots of young fruit, followed by soft tannins.  Thanks to their excellent aging potential, with age, the wines obtain an almost velvety flavour with a typical truffle aroma.

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