Old and rare wines at Vino Antica

Finding old and rare wines is not an easy job. It’s actually a special skill! Over a 12-year period, Vino Antica has managed to expand its knowledge and expertise by striking up contacts with the larger chateaus and vineyards, in France and beyond.

Thanks to our frequent visits to private collectors, auction houses, wine cellars and wineries we have  been gaining unique knowledge and expertise. Knowledge and expertise that can help you find the old and rare wines you are dying to have. No matter which wine you are looking for, Vino Antica has it in stock or will find it for you!

A nose for quality 

At Vino Antica, it’s all about quality. The origin of the bottles, storage conditions, the level to which the bottles are filled, ... are all elements that help shape our story. Needless to say, only the best is good enough for Vino Antica! It is, therefore, a privilege to be able to offer wine lovers these old and rare wines, originating from chateaus with a rich tradition.

Resounding names such as Château Latour, Mouton-Rothschild, Lafite Rothschild, Pétrus in Bordeaux, as well as Romanée Conti, Leroy, Raveneau, Comtes Lafon, from the Burgundy region are sure to sharpen the senses of the fans.

A passion for craftmanship

Wine is our passion. That’s why we are so happy to be able to offer wine lovers like yourself these old and rare wines from different reputable chateaus. Cherishing these treasures is really a philosophy, a way of life so to speak. We have a deep respect for the wine farmer, for his metier and his perseverance. Because our old and rare wines are not just another drink. Each bottle represents a little part of history and offers you some wine heritage. It’s the result of hard work, knowledge and a lot of tender loving care. You’ll experience it with every sip!

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